St Swithun's

open door to a healing heart

Who are we?

Church Wardens:  Diane Keen

Honorary Treasurer:Vacant
Honorary Secretary to the PCC:Angela Nelson

Parochial Church Council (PCC) members

Catherine Thomas
Enita Smart
Colvyn Maloney
Rosamund Kiss-Debrah
Olivia Daley
Richard Johnson
Melisha Samuels
Karen Watson

There are just shy of 100 members on our Electoral role and around 10 to 80 people in a regular congregation.  Members can vote on major issues at the Annual Parochial Meeting and appoint the officers of the church, such as the Treasurer, Secretary and Sidespeople.
The Sidespeople are welcomers who show the smiling face of the church to members and visitors alike, and make sure you are shown to a seat, and given what you need to feel comfortable and at home with us.