St Swithun's

open door to a healing heart

What are we about?


Open door to a healing heart


A place where all are equally valued and all are welcomed regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation
A worshipping community who know God as our Father, under the lordship of Jesus Christ, and guided by the Holy Spirit
A family where the Sacraments are central to our lives and the children of our family invited to share at the Lord’s Table and babies are brought to baptism
We believe in the sainthood, kingship and priesthood of all believers where all members have a ministry in the church
A parish where all people in the community are cared for whether they come to church or not.



A believing community, growing in the truth of the Gospel, instructed and grounded in the Christian faith


Commitment to a Christian lifestyle
Being, becoming a new person in Christ


Passion in worship and striving for excellence in ministry

Willing to pay the price

Sacrificial giving of money and time

Taking risks for the good of the Kingdom

Trusting in the power and provision of God


Striving for wholeness and humanity,
Accepting correction Building relationships,
Honouring each other


Believing in God’s power to heal
Looking for opportunities to heal people and community

Loved by God and loving Him

Knowing that we are loved and valued by God
Making space to be with God: prayer, study of His Word
Living with gratitude for what God has done

Transforms lives and cultures

Empowering others
Exercising, patience, mercy, love, and forgiveness,
Focusing on people’s “gold” not their faults 


Restoring and maintaining our church and community halls to a high standard
Making space available to the community at a reasonable price or free